"REGEN Conference was beyond my expectations.  The quality of speakers, worship, venue, and the overall program were impressive, and you could sense God’s presence.  Our students were inspired and challenged in their walk with Christ.   The leadership of REGEN has committed themselves to sharing God’s restorative and redemptive message to a desperate generation who are hungry for God’s touch.   I am excited to see where God is going to take this ministry and the impact it will have on our youth culture."

-Rev. Marcus Butler [Praise Academy]


"One talk encouraged students to leave their comfort zone for Christ. One of our very quiet Sophomores stood up in Chapel the next week and said, "ReGeneration encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and stand up for Christ. I am telling you that standing in front of you today is evidence that this challenge made a difference in my life."
The ability and availability of a group of 19-25 year-olds believers who eagerly poured into our students was so refreshing! The ReGeneration Team is a next-generation group that is not content to sit idly by and watch teens struggle to find their purpose influenced mostly by a culture without Christ. These young people supported our school's mission of raising a generation of Kingdom builders."

-Headmaster, Joel Slater [Harvester Christian Academy]

"We were so thankful to be a part of the ReGen movement!  We were impressed with what a great program Aaron Whipple put together for the initial conference and are confident it will only get better due to the intrinsic drive of Aaron and his team to crush apathy and ignite a joy for life through Christ!"

Headmaster, Tim Thomas [Heirway Academy]