has burdened the founders of RE-GENERATION regarding the spiritual state of students in Christian schools. Apathy is rampant, and empathy is nearly non-existent. Noticing these troubling trends has caused us to wonder: why? What’s missing?

Many of the students in the Christian school system have come to a place of being nearly immune to the gospel. The "rules" and "code of conduct" surrounds them in such a structured way. They grow up in a culture where the overwhelming sentiment is to obey the rules and look like a Christian. As a result, these students conclude that that's what following Jesus is thus leading to a fallacious view of who Jesus is. Neglecting love, joy and the freedom that Jesus selflessly bought with his blood, these students graduate and leave the church because they are exhausted, burnt out, and empty. It is our calling to abolish the apathy in these students and see a total renewal among this generation.

The definition of Regeneration is to regrow and replace lost, damaged, or destroyed tissue. We were lost, we are damaged because of sin, but we are not destroyed. The torch is being passed and God is about to restore this generation. He is going to raise up His people. In a relay race, one saves his best runners for the last lap. He doesn't set the team up for failure by putting the weakest, or even average runners for the last lap. No. He saves the best runners for last. The fastest, the ones willing to give it everything they have, the ones with heart and passion, the ones who recognize their weakness but push through; the strongest. We truly believe we could be approaching the last lap and God has saved his best runners for this pressing time. He’s not setting His children up for failure. Christianity is not failing or getting weaker. This may be a refining process but it's not a regressive one. The Creator, the One who sees all, the one who designed this timeline, the one who wins is setting himself up for success, and he's using us. This generation could be the last runners and we want to see them run fast, we want to see them run hard, we want to see God's strength in their transparency and authenticity, we want to see the existence of excitement, the pursuit of passion and the practice of compassion. We want to see a generation RE-newed and not afraid to be light in a dark room. We want to see a generation not enslaved to fear, but enslaved to love and righteousness. We want to see a RE-GENERATION.